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Crash Course Series
Chapter 1: Three Beliefs
Chapter 2: The Three "E"s
Chapter 3: Exponential Growth
Chapter 4: Compounding Is The Problem
Chapter 5: Growth vs. Prosperity
Chapter 6: What Is Money?
Chapter 7: Money Creation
Chapter 8: The Fed - Money Creation
Chapter 9: A Brief History of US Money
Chapter 10: Inflation
Chapter 11: How Much Is A Trillion?
Chapter 12: Debt
Chapter 13: A National Failure To Save
Chapter 14: Assets & Demographics
Chapter 15: Bubbles
Chapter 16: Fuzzy Numbers
Chapter 17a: Peak Oil
Chapter 17b: Energy Budgeting
Chapter 17c: Energy and the Economy
Chapter 18: Environmental Data
Chapter 19: Future Shock
Chapter 20: What Should I Do?

Dear Lord Make Me a Nail on the Wall. (What does that mean?)
The story of Glenn Coon

ABC's of prayer ministry

The Science of Prayer

Everything's alright in my Fathers's House,' "he sang along with an enthusiastic audience on one of thousands of such nights. His singing sounded slightly off-key, but no one cared.
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How Big is your Picture?

How is it Framed?

How Big is your Picture Click Here How big is your picture






          When you go to the CD section in the products, you will notice that we have featured almost exclusively Glenn Coon.

The recordings are now close to 40 years old but the messages are timeless. Click on listen for free and the recording will stream to you on your computer, you don’t have to buy anything. Why Glen Coon? Try listening to the series The ABC’s of Prayer CD #2 and CD #6, then go back to the beginning and start with CD #1 and listen to them in order, that is really how they were meant to be listened to.


    The title of the web site also lent itself to a broad audience,

Because there are lots of things that everybody ought to know. We have also added some Financial information that will aid you in a better awareness of the time in which we live. There are 20 short videos on the home page called Crash Course, click on them and you will get a Financial Education that very few people have today and everybody ought to know.  






Sabbath Sermons Click on the Picture

Watch these selected presentations online,

or download free MP3 files.

Once you have downloaded the zipped MP3 files, unzip the package and save the files to a folder of your choice; listen later on your selected device.



Fantastic Trip
This is a trip at high speed, jumping distances by a factor of 10. Start with 10 equivalent to 1 Meter (about 3 feet) and increasing distances by a factor of 10s or 10 x10 and so on. First we will go out and then we will go in
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By Faith we are able to move mountains.
Without Faith we are not able to please God.
We fight the fight of faith.
We are saved by Faith, not works least any man boast.

How many times have I heard the words, phrases, scriptures
and till now not understand what they were really saying.
How blind could I be? A bat had better sight than I.

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The Perfect Storm is Coming Click here








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Featured Products:
Prophecy Seminars
"Salvation History" A LARGER VIEW Mercy Extended is Justice(Judgement)Delayed
Either Download the CD or have it shipped to you.
  $10.00 each

Please Pray the cry of a troubled heart
Glenn and Ethel Coon
  $25.00 each

The Science of Prayer set of 8 CDs (ABCs of Prayer)
by Glenn Coon
  $25.00 each

Just to be an Instrument CD # 2
by Glenn Coon
ABCs of Prayer CD#2 Seven Great Bible Facts 1. Jesus is comming again Rev.22:12--- 2. Jesus is coming for a Rightous Holy people Rev. 22:11--- 3.No man can make himself Rightous and Holy Rom. 7:14,15--- 4. The Holy Spirit can make us Rightous and Holy Rom. 15:16--- 5.When the Holy Spirit comes into our hearts he sheds Love Holiness not just Law holiness. Rom. 5:5--- 6. Then we become Instruments Acts 1:8--- 7. Then sinners will be converted Psalms 51:10-13
Either Download the CD or have it shipped to you.
  $3.50 each

Path to the Heart set of 9 CDs
by Glenn Coon
  $27.00 each

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