By Faith we are able to move mountains.
Without Faith we are not able to please God.
We fight the fight of faith.
We are saved by Faith, not works least any man boast.

How many times have I heard the words, phrases, scriptures
and till now not understand what they were really saying.
How blind could I be? A bat had better sight than I.

I did not really believe in my heart that I could move mountains. I hoped, I prayed that God could do that in me, but I did not believe. Deep down in my heart, I did not believe.

I have learned that God uses things I don’t like to give me the biggest gifts. Today was no different. MY least favorite CD I put in the player to play again, with a bit of discomfort, so I decided to clean the bird dishes to ease the passing of the story.

At the very end, I sat down to hear the prayer and it hit me. I rewound the CD and played that part again. Could that be True? It is true! I could hardly believe my thoughts. My heart started & then exploded with joy. It is true! It is wonderful. We can take the gospel to the whole world, to every person, every place, even if they don’t believe…to “any body that longs for a better life.” If we believe, believe in them, our belief will carry through. Even if they have no faith, lost faith, don’t believe there is hope for them, our faith is strong enough, good enough, humble enough, joyful, hopeful, sure, faithful that using the faith of others will.

If you can’t rely on your own faith, rely on the faith of others.”

“God accepts our faith in your behalf”.

– Testm. Vol 2, 319

“Dear Lord if sister linda believes God is still able to save me, I’ll accept her faith.”

If pastor is willing to believe that God will save me, though my sins are scarlet, I’ll rest in his faith.

In faith in you, through our Lord Jesus,

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